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Innovators Since 2006

Gatineau Stage
Novice DT 12-  Diana and Actaeon  from Fouette Acad of  2
Comp Lrg Gp 13+ Recovery  L LG 16 from Airborne DCtre 2
Novice Solo 12-  Take You There - Mason from Kids Inc 2
Comp DT 13+  Now and Forever  C DT 17 from Premier DA  2b
Best In MTH 12-  Bathing Beauties  All 4 One Dnc Co 2
Best Acro 12-  Extraordinary Machine Taya Osso from KDC 2
Best In HH 12- Stampede  Premier DA 2
Best In Ballet 12- The Swan  MJPAS (tie) 2
Student Choreo - I'm Tired Zero Gravity Olivia Hesse 2
Production 2
PreComp Solos 12-  MT S 11 The Greatest Star Sadie from DancEnergy 2
Best In Jazz 13+ Final Act  Dance City 2
CHOREOGRAPHY EXCELLENCE of 2023 - Subject T27  Laurie Ewarts Danceworks 2

After 20 years of raising 2 children in the competitive dance world, we felt compelled to give child dancers more than what we had experienced. We are genuine, caring and encouraging people, who bring this philosophy to every aspect of our events. Now celebrating our 18th season, we continue to strive for improvement and innovation.  As reminded by one of our clients “We have struck the perfect balance between competition and family fun that make it an incredible weekend for everyone."

Our main goal is to provide your child performers with the recognition they deserve, along with added entertainment for the whole family. After the competition is over, and the trophies are collecting dust, we want the memories of Kick It Up to last a lifetime!

- The Raymond Family


  • FREE Media for ALL attendees!

  • FREE Admission for families

  • FREE Dance Passports for every participant

  • FREE Virtual Finals in June

    • 2 Competitions for the price of 1

  • Top scoring routines to receive additional performance opportunities!

  • Professional & qualified adjudicators

  • Video critiques at all locations

  • Over $500,000 in cash prizes and Scholarships

  • Studio Standings recognizing Top Studios

    • Pre-competitive & Competitive Studios recognized 

  • Abundant Overalls and Best in Dance Style Awards

  • Choreography Awards and High Score awards at every adjudication

  • Beautiful Trophies

  • Easy online registration with Competition Wizard

  • Early Bird Discounts and Multiple Venue Discounts

  • Games with prizes at every Adjudication

  • Fun loving mascot ROSCO always ready to dance for the kids!

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